Toro Premium Trunks
Toro Premium Trunks
Toro Premium Trunks
Toro Premium Trunks
Toro Premium Trunks
Toro Premium Trunks
Toro Premium Trunks

Toro Premium Trunks

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Inspired by good times, bad habits, and unforgettable memories, these swim trunks were designed to take risks, take names, and take the whole damn pile. Exclusive styles to draw the eye, dark rich gem tones to emanate taste. 90% Polyester, 10% Elastic, Made from recycled materials. Classy, understated, exciting.


  • Full Metal Accents
  • Triple Zipped
  • Cloud 9 Liner
  • Made From Recycled Materials

    •  Piece

    •  Bill of Authenticity

    •  Identity Tag

    •  Heartfelt Note



    Light, airy, and more supportive than a Disney Dad. If Zeus, himself, were to fashion a toga from the flocculent cumulous clouds of the heavens, it still wouldn't compare to the indulgence of this liner. Floaty like a Cadillac, comfort with a breeze. 90% Polyester 10% Spandex.


    The best things in life come in threes. Dimensions, meal courses, crowds... it only makes sense that we have three zippers adorn our trunks. And what else do three heavy-duty smooth-sliding zippers bring to the table? Three times the capacity, three times the security, three times the assurance. More space to store your goods, and more protection from losing them.


    With polyester threads composed from recycled plastic bottles, this product designates a hefty nod to the well-being of our planet and joins the battle against fast fashion. If Captain Planet had a fashion sense, he would be proud. Protecting our planet while protecting your style.


    These trunks are amazing honestly, they're my new favorites.

    Gabe Star

    I love how fast they dry!

    Alex Schreck

    Comfiest damn trunks I ever did wear.

    Max Struve

    Crazy comfortable. I'm normally not a fan of liners, but you can't even tell it's there.

    Dr. Evan Pagano